Artificial Intelligence Center
Department of Computer Science
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Czech Technical University in Prague

Office: KN:E-322,
Karlovo náměstí 13, CZ-121 35, Praha 2,
Czech Republic
Tel.: +420 22435 7580
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Potential Heuristics for Multi-Agent Planning (pdf, bibtex)
Michal Štolba, Daniel Fišer, Antonín Komenda
ICAPS 2016, 308-316

Admissible Landmark Heuristic for Multi-Agent Planning (pdf, bibtex)
Michal Štolba, Daniel Fišer, Antonín Komenda
ICAPS 2015, 211-219

MAPlan (pdf, bibtex)
Daniel Fišer, Michal Štolba, Antonín Komenda
CoDMAP 2015, 8-10

Comparison of RPG-based FF and DTG-based FF Disrtibuted Heuristics (pdf, bibtex)
Michal Štolba, Daniel Fišer, Antonín Komenda
DMAP 2015, 77-82

A Light-Weight Robot Simulator for Modular Robotics (doi, bibtex)
Vojtěch Vonásek, Daniel Fišer, Karel Košnar, Libor Přeučil
First International Workshop, MESAS 2014, 206-216

Growing neural gas efficiently (pdf, doi, bibtex)
Daniel Fišer, Jan Faigl, Miroslav Kulich
Neurocomputing 104: 72-82 (2013)

Techniques for Modeling Simulation Environments for Modular Robotics (pdf, bibtex)
Vojtěch Vonásek, Miroslav Kulich, Tomáš Krajník, Martin Saska, Daniel Fišer, Vladimír Petrík, Libor Přeučil

AR-Drone as a Platform for Robotic Research and Education (pdf, doi, bibtex)
Tomáš Krajník, Vojtěch Vonásek, Daniel Fišer, Jan Faigl
Eurobot Conference 2011, 172-186

Bringing Reality to Evolution of Modular Robots: Bio-Inspired Techniques for Building a Simulation Environment in the SYMBRION Project (pdf, bibtex)
Martin Saska, Vojtěch Vonásek, Miroslav Kulich, Daniel Fišer, Tomáš Krajnık, Libor Přeučil
Reconfigurable Modular Robotics: Challenges of Mechatronic and Bio-Chemo 2011

Master’s thesis: Inference of State Invariants for Domain-Independent Planning (2016), Dean award for an exceptional master thesis


  • maplan — (MA-)PDDL planner.

  • pddl-data — repository of (MA-)PDDL problems.

  • libccd — library for collision detection between convex shapes.

  • gnn — library implementing several growing neural network algorithms.

  • cu — C Unit Testing Framework

  • boruvka — C library implementing some basic mathematical routines and low level algorithms.

  • QShowDiff — a tool for visualisation of diffs generated from various VCS systems.

  • pitweb — pythonic web interface for git repositories.

  • opts — library for parsing command line options.

  • Sim — a robotic simulator.

  • SVT — a tool for visualization of 2D and 3D objects.